Companion Care for Seniors in Bucks County, PA

Do you or a loved one need assistance but don’t want to give up your independence? Then our companion care for seniors in Bucks County, PA, can help. Newtown Caregiving Services is dedicated to helping our clients live happy, independent lives, and that includes providing exceptional at-home companion care. Our companion care for the elderly goes above and beyond, offering a variety of care services. We’re one of the best companion care services agency in the Bucks County region for a reason.

Companion Services for Seniors Available Throughout Bucks County, PA

We offer our at-home companion care to those living in the Bucks County area. You can trust that we’ll always go the extra mile to provide outstanding services. If you live in the following areas, reach out to us for our elderly companion care:

Newtown, PA

Yardley, PA

New Hope, PA

Washington Crossing, PA

Morrisville, PA

Southampton, PA

Northampton, PA

Langhorne, PA

New Hope, PA


What Is Senior Companion Care?

While it may seem obvious at first what a senior care companion does, there’s a lot more to their responsibilities than you might think. While senior companion care includes assistance with daily activities, their responsibilities extend far beyond just household chores. Our companion care for seniors in Bucks County, PA, offers clients emotional support services as well.

Companionship is essential to stopping loneliness and its negative effects. Yet, older adults may find it difficult to engage with others and become isolated in the process. This is where our companion services for seniors make a difference. When one of our experienced companions for elderly care visits, they’ll help by encouraging social interaction and activities, light exercise, and conversation.

The Benefits of Companion Care Services

If you or a loved one is struggling with isolation while living independently, then companion home care is a great choice. Companionship is the number one benefit of hiring a companion care agency like us, and we’re dedicated to making your happiness our priority. Additionally, a companion will help in many other ways throughout your daily life, such as providing medication reminders and driving you where you need to go. With the help of our companion care for elderly clients, you’ll have someone to lean on in trying times and laugh with during happy ones.

young woman carries grocery bag and helps old woman walk

Assisting Seniors with Daily Activities

Of course, our companion care for seniors in Bucks County, PA, involves much more than just socializing with clients. Our senior care companions also help clients with their daily activities, including:

Meal Preparation

Light Housekeeping

Running Errands

Going Shopping

And Much More

Companion Care for Seniors in Bucks County, PA

If you or a loved one require elderly companion care, contact Newtown Caregiving Services. We’re dedicated to helping those who need companion care in Newtown, Yardley, New Hope, Washington Crossing, Morrisville, Southampton, Northampton, Langhorne, and New Hope, PA.

Furthermore, we’re proud to offer other services in addition to our companion elderly care. Reach out to our team if you’re interested in personal care, respite care, and other professional services. You can always count on us for companion home care and much more!

Want to learn more about our companion care for seniors in Bucks County, PA? Call today to speak with a representative.