Personal Home Care for Seniors in Bucks County, PA

As someone ages, thoughts of moving to an assisted living community emerge. However, some don’t want to leave the comforts and security of their home. In situations like this, personal care at home is a much better alternative. If that sounds like something you’re interested in, we’ll be happy to provide you with at-home senior care.

At Newtown Caregiving Services, we offer personal home care for seniors in Bucks County, PA, for those who want to live independently. Our private duty home health care, goes above and beyond to help clients live comfortably in their homes.

What Is Personal Home Care?

While you might know about at-home senior care, you may not be familiar with the specifics and what the services actually entail. In-home personal care services are designed to support aging individuals and those with health conditions throughout their daily lives so they can continue living on their own. Their strength and mobility problems can make certain tasks difficult without the assistance of a trained private duty caregiver. That’s where we come in.

Given all the responsibilities that go with living independently, individuals may be faced with situations that require the assistance of a live-in caregiver. As a result, elderly private home care encompasses a wide assortment of duties and responsibilities. At Newtown Caregiving Services, our personal home care for seniors in Bucks County, PA, offer a range of assistance services designed to make living independently easier. Our senior home caregivers are dedicated to providing personalized services so your unique wants and needs can be met.

Meal Preparation and Grocery Shopping for Seniors in Bucks County, PA

Cooking requires a lot of time and effort. However, with the help of a trained private duty caregiver, meals become a lot more manageable. Grocery shopping and meal preparation are included in our personal home care for seniors in Bucks County, PA, so if you need an extra hand—or two—in the kitchen, we’ll be happy to help.

Bathing and Dressing Assistance for Seniors in Bucks County, PA

Personal care at home services can help with many daily tasks. For example, some adults may struggle with dressing or bathing as they grow older. Personal hygiene and getting dressed are both essential functions, and our private home care for elderly clients can help. Live-in caregivers can assist you or a loved one in the morning, afternoon, and evening with comprehensive bathing and dressing assistance services.

young woman cooking for old woman

Housekeeping Assistance for Seniors in Bucks County, PA

Additionally, our elderly private home care also includes housekeeping assistance. An important component of independent living is taking care of your home. Keeping up with all the sweeping, window washing, and other chores can be as exhausting as it is time-consuming. Thankfully, our personal home caregivers will be there to offer their support. With our private elderly care, we’ll help with the daily upkeep of your home.

If You Need Personal Home Care for Seniors in Bucks County, PA, You’ll Know Who to Call

Pennsylvania families looking for the best private duty home health care assistance for their loved ones will find it at Newtown Caregiving Services. We strive to offer the best professional senior home care so you can be confident with your decision to continue living at home.

Additionally, we provide much more than private home care for elderly clients. Whether you need companion care or respite care, residents of the Bucks County area can always count on our team to go above and beyond in their services. It’s part of the reason we’re among the most trusted in the area when it comes to in-home personal care.

Have any questions about our personal home care for seniors in Bucks County, PA? Then feel free to contact us to learn more about our private elderly care services. Call today.